Appendix . Glossary


the forfeiture (real or implied) of a potential patent right as a result of an action or failure to act within a certain time frame; the decision to relinquish patent rights by nonpayment of maintenance fees.


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


formal allegation of patent infringement.


to accuse another entity of infringement.

barrier to market entry

something that prevents entry of a competitive good or service into a market space. Barriers to market entry are generally economic barriers even if in the form of IP. For example, the cost to acquire IP rights to enter a market may be relatively uneconomical; therefore, the IP is a barrier to market entry.

carrot mining

mining a portfolio for valuable technologies that can be combined with related patents to generate revenue (see also portfolio mining).

carrot-and-stick mining

mining an intellectual asset portfolio to reveal both “carrots” (valuable patents or technologies that are commercially attractive for another company to generate revenue) and “sticks” (patents that the user is infringing and as a result have value to be licensed or sold to the infringers under the threat of injunctive relief in litigation).

carrying value

the value of an asset as recorded in the balance sheet/general ledger account.


chief financial officer.

claim chart

a tool used when looking for agreement between the words of a claim and the features of another product or process that allegedly infringes ...

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