Chapter 2

Crafting Winning Offers


check Gaining more leads by deploying the gated offer

check Turning leads into customers

check Filling out checklists to ensure high opt-ins and conversions

check Increasing your bottom line

Whether you’re asking people to buy something, give you their contact information, or spend time reading your blog, you’re making an offer. The way in which you make your offers — and perhaps more important, the sequence in which you make them — will make or break you online.

You should think of creating and nurturing relationships with your customers in the same way that you develop relationships with your friends and family. Your business might sell business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C), but all businesses sell human to human (H2H). Real, individual people are buying your products and services.

Consider how perfect strangers become a married couple. The marriage proposal is an offer that is made after a sequence of other offers is made and deemed successful by both parties. Sure, the occasional marriage proposal on the first date occurs, but most ...

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