Business Strategies for the Bottom of the Pyramid (Collection)

Book description

3 extraordinary books show how to build “bottom of the pyramid” businesses that are sustainable, scalable, and profitable!

Three remarkable books help you overcome the pitfalls of “bottom of the pyramid” business, learn from the pioneers’ successes and failures, and build “BoP” businesses that are sustainable, scalable, and consistently profitable! In Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity in BoP Markets: Strategies for Business and Economic Transformation, Eric Kacou shows how to escape the “survival trap” that keeps many BoP businesses small, inefficient, and unprofitable. Drawing on his unique on-the-ground experience in Africa’s most challenging business environments, Kacou identifies new business models, operational techniques, and leadership approaches that can help BoP businesses grow rapidly and successfully. In Next Generation Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid: New Approaches for Building Mutual Value, Ted London and Stuart L. Hart share proven, “on-the-ground” insights for building “Base of the Pyramid” businesses that really are sustainable and green, really will help alleviate social ills, and really can scale. Finally, in Capitalism at the Crossroads: Next Generation Business Strategies for a Post-Crisis World, Third Edition, Hart offers an up-to-the-minute primer on sustainable business for today’s executives, practical insights into what’s working and what isn’t, and expert insights for crafting and executing your company’s optimal sustainability strategy.

From world-renowned leaders in successful bottom-of-the-pyramid business innovation, includingTed London, Stuart L. Hart, and Eric Kacou.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Contents
  3. Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity in BoP Markets: Strategies for Business and Economic Transformation
    1. Dedication
    2. Contents
    3. Praise for Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity in BoP Markets
    4. Foreword
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Author
    7. Part I. Foundations or Why Mindsets Matter
      1. Prologue: Transformation in BoP Markets: Learning from Rwanda
      2. 1. Identifying the Problem—And the Solution
        1. Pretoria, South Africa: Themba, CEO Who Can’t Collect
        2. Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya: Mariam, Microentrepreneur Who Must Choose between Feeding Her Children and Feeding Her Business
        3. Santiago, Chile: Jaime, International Executive Who Has to Please Everyone
        4. Kingston, Jamaica: Lisa, Business Leader Whose Industry Is Struggling
        5. Abuja, Nigeria: Ijeoma, Government Leader Who Can’t Help Feeling Like a Beggar
        6. Washington, DC: Rob, Development Partner Can’t Work Self Out of Job
        7. The Core Problem: Caught in The Survival Trap
        8. Getting at the Essence of The Survival Trap from a Stakeholder’s Perspective
        9. BoP Markets as the Biggest Untapped Business Opportunity
        10. The Case of Africa: Islands of Opportunity in a Sea of Challenges
        11. The Solution
        12. Why Business Must Lead BoP Nations out of The Survival Trap
        13. Building Partnerships That Transcend The Survival Trap
        14. Practical Solutions for Escaping The Survival Trap
        15. The Approach
        16. Endnotes
      3. 2. Rwanda’s Metamorphosis
        1. Travel Warning
        2. False Alarm
        3. A Fractal of BoP Markets
        4. Rwanda’s Operating Reality
        5. Introducing SOAR
        6. Many Battles, One Struggle
        7. Vision 2020
        8. Endnotes
      4. 3. Why Mindsets Matter
        1. The Battle for the Minds
        2. Minister Diallo’s Outburst
        3. The Biggest Elephant in the Room
        4. Defining Mindset
        5. Characterizing Mental Models
        6. Misconceptions about Mindset Change
        7. Seven Opportunities to Escape The Survival Trap
        8. The Essence-Principles-Practices Framework
        9. Winning the Battle for the Minds
        10. Reclaiming the Citadel
        11. The Real Problem—Escaping The Survival Trap
        12. Stuck in The Survival Trap
        13. Toward a Shared Vision for Haiti
        14. Rebuilding Haiti
        15. Endnotes
    8. Part II. Solutions to Escape The Survival Trap
      1. 4. A Framework to Escape The Survival Trap
        1. Crisis Time
        2. Free One-Way Ticket Survival
        3. Action Framework, Mindsets, and Business Models
        4. Strategic Approaches to Integrate Mindset Change to Business Models
        5. Leveraging the DARE Strategic Approaches
        6. The DARE Process
        7. Stage 1: Audit Current Situation
        8. Stage 2: Articulate DARE Strategy
        9. Stage 3: Upgrade Business Model
        10. Stage 4: Execute Quick Wins and Actions
        11. Stage 5: Reflect and Redesign
        12. Some Practical Considerations on the DARE Process
        13. The DARE Process in Action
        14. Reconciliation and Prosperity
        15. Entrepreneurial Epic
        16. Shaping to One’s Operating Reality
        17. Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity
        18. From Success to Significance
        19. Endnotes
      2. 5. Foster an Archimedean Mindset
        1. Connecting the Neighborhood
        2. Closed Doors
        3. Survival Business
        4. Keeping the Doors Shut
        5. Recognizing the Archimedean Mindset
        6. Fostering an Archimedean Mindset
        7. Enabling Archimedean Businesspeople
        8. Cash and Credit
        9. Trial by Fire
        10. Building a Foundation
        11. The Paradox of Trust
        12. An Archimedean Entrepreneur
        13. Africa’s Pioneer of Prosperity
        14. Endnotes
      3. 6. Build Trust
        1. Against the Odds
        2. A Late Bloomer
        3. Broken Bridges
        4. Fixing Broken Bridges
        5. The Trust Ladder
        6. Climbing the Trust Ladder
        7. Building a Mosaic of Trust
        8. Dealing in Trust
        9. Embracing the Healthcare Challenge
        10. Taking on the “Silent Killers”
        11. Integrating Risk Management and Compassion
        12. Entrepreneurial Solutions for Healthcare
        13. I Live
        14. Endnotes
      4. 7. Focus on Solutions
        1. Diop, Zero...
        2. Persisting in Supplying the Survival Products
        3. Why Do Businesses Persist in Supplying Survival Products?
        4. ...Mo, One!
        5. Redefining Value Through Design Thinking
        6. Focusing on Solutions
        7. Virtuous Cycle of Innovative Solutions
        8. Toward a Solution Paradigm
        9. A Fighting Chance for Diop
        10. Kerosene: The Dark Light
        11. Out of the Darkness
        12. Customer-Centric Approach to Innovation
        13. Keeping the Commitment
        14. Nuru Energy: Value-Added Design
        15. Lighting Africa
        16. Endnotes
      5. 8. Operate Efficiently and Sustainably
        1. Changing Colors
        2. Standing on Quicksand
        3. A Difficult Operating Reality
        4. Keeping the Eyes on the Wrong Prize
        5. The Wrong Thinking
        6. Deming Meet Hardin
        7. Climbing Out of Quicksand
        8. Efficient and Sustainable Operations in Practice
        9. A Comforting Outlook
        10. A Struggling Industry
        11. Inception of a Turnaround
        12. Enabling a Prosperity Ecosystem
        13. Starting with the Operating Reality
        14. Endnotes
      6. 9. Enable Prosperity Ecosystems
        1. Miracle in Tunisia
        2. Nurturing the Fruit Flies
        3. What Mindsets Prevent the Emergence of Ecosystems?
        4. A Stifling Operating Reality
        5. Interconnectedness as the Essence of Prosperity Ecosystems
        6. Enabling Prosperity Ecosystems
        7. Collaboration in Action
        8. Prosperity Ecosystems in the Marketplace
        9. Miracles and Wonders
        10. Defying Gravity
        11. Opportunity Mindset
        12. Raizcorp or Incubation 2.0 for BoP Nations
        13. Opportunities for Incubation
        14. Nobel Prize Material?
        15. Endnotes
      7. 10. Seek Intelligent Capital
        1. Jacob’s Dilemma
        2. Scarce All Around
        3. What Is Intelligent Capital?
        4. What Keeps Intelligent Capital Elusive?
        5. Diagnose the Mindsets That Keep Intelligent Capital Elusive
        6. Resource-Oriented Thinking
        7. Building Solutions, Not Exits
        8. Intelligent Capital Partners Align Incentives to Transform Business Models
        9. The Returns on Intelligent Capital
        10. Intelligent Capital in Action
        11. Intelligent Capital and Key Investments
        12. Straddling BoP and Developed Markets
        13. New Technology, Timeless Values
        14. UST Value-Driven Business Model
        15. UST Global an Archimedean Firm
        16. Profitability through Values
        17. Endnotes
      8. 11. Bridge the Leadership Gap
        1. A Bittersweet Promotion
        2. Turnaround Through a Human-Centered Repositioning
        3. Critical Leadership Gaps
        4. Survival Business Revisited
        5. Personal Costs of Survival Business
        6. The Leadership Gap
        7. What Mindsets Sustain the Leadership Gap?
        8. Diagnosing Mindsets That Create the Leadership Gap
        9. Bridging the Leadership Gap
        10. The Rewards for Bridging the Leadership Gap
        11. Rewriting the Rules of the Game
        12. Accidental Entrepreneur
        13. Betting Against the Odds
        14. Redefining the African Entrepreneur
        15. Turning the Tide
    9. Part III. Integration
      1. 12. Insights on Mindset Change from Public Health
        1. Missing in Action
        2. A Trap of a Different Kind
        3. Social Marketing and the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
        4. Creating Social Change for Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity
        5. Leveraging Social Marketing for Entrepreneurial Solutions to Prosperity
        6. Best Practices from Social Marketing
        7. Social Marketing to Unleash Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity in BoP Markets
        8. No Shortcuts to Prosperity
        9. Forum Theatre to Fight HIV/AIDS
        10. Drawing Inspiration from One’s Reality
        11. Reinventing HIV/AIDS Prevention
        12. Mindset Change Through Participation
        13. Reinventing HIV Prevention
        14. Endnotes
      2. 13. Societal Innovations Through Mindset Change
        1. Turning Back the Hands of Time
        2. A Fresh Look at The Survival Trap
        3. What Levers Must Mindset Change Efforts for Africa Focus On?
        4. Energy: The Dark Continent
        5. Population: Young, Crowded, and Divided
        6. Environment: A Ubiquitous Challenge
        7. Technology: Beyond the Digital Divide
        8. Markets: Failures All Around
        9. Fast Forward
        10. Endnotes
      3. 14. Rwanda’s Homegrown Solutions
        1. Zen Revelations
        2. Rwanda’s Homegrown Solutions
        3. Beyond Relief Toward Prosperity
        4. A Mindset-Driven Metamorphosis
        5. A Leadership Mindset of Innovation and Competitiveness in Rwanda
        6. Creating a Mindset of a Shared Future in Its People
        7. Opportunity 1—Foster an Archimedean Mindset
        8. Opportunity 2—Build Trust
        9. Opportunity 3—Focus on Solutions
        10. Opportunity 4—Enable Prosperity Ecosystems
        11. Opportunity 5—Operate Efficiently and Sustainably
        12. Opportunity 6—Seek Intelligent Capital
        13. Opportunity 7—Bridge the Leadership Gap
        14. No Excuses for Africa
    10. Epilogue: A Call to Action: Embrace Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity
      1. What Are Enterprise-Based Solutions to Poverty?
      2. What Stakeholders Must Embrace Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity?
      3. Themba: The Local Entrepreneur
      4. Jaime: Business Managers
      5. Ijeoma: Government Leaders
      6. Rob: Development Partners
      7. Civil Society
      8. Upgrading Africa’s Prosperity Software
      9. A Path out of The Survival Trap
      10. Endnotes
    11. Bibliography
    12. Index
  4. Next Generation Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid: New Approaches for Building Mutual Value
    1. Contents
    2. Praise for Next Generation Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. About the Authors
    5. Dedication
    6. The Big Picture
      1. Data Inconsistencies
      2. Consumption—Income—Production
      3. Is There a Real Market?
      4. The World Is Moving Forward
      5. Notes
    7. Foreword
    8. Chapter . Introduction: Creating a Fortune with the Base of the Pyramid
      1. Next-Generation BoP Strategies
      2. A Different Kind of Journey: Co-Creating a Book
      3. Reframing the Discussion and the Questions We Ask
      4. Defining the Base of the Pyramid
      5. Defining BoP Business
      6. An Overview of the Book
      7. Notes
    9. Part One: Roadmaps for Success
      1. Chapter 1. Building Better Ventures with the Base of the Pyramid: A Roadmap
        1. Creating Market Opportunities
        2. Crafting Solutions with the BoP
        3. Orchestrating Effective Experiments
        4. Managing Failures
        5. Establishing Co-Mingled Competitive Advantage
        6. Leveraging and Transferring Social Embeddedness
        7. Enhancing Mutual Value
        8. Collaborative Interdependence: A More Perfect Union
        9. Notes
      2. Chapter 2. Innovation for the BoP: The Patient-Capital Perspective
        1. The Emerging Patient Capital Sector
        2. Business Model Innovations
        3. Innovations in Action
        4. Conclusions
        5. Notes
    10. Part Two: Strategic Opportunities
      1. Chapter 3. Taking the Green Leap to the Base of the Pyramid
        1. Beyond the Green Giant
        2. The Great Convergence
        3. From Frontal Assault to Entrepreneurial Judo
        4. A Case in Point: The Water Initiative
        5. The Wisdom of the Hive
        6. Taking the Plunge
        7. Notes
      2. Chapter 4. Needs, Needs Everywhere, But Not a BoP Market to Tap
        1. From Needs to Markets
        2. Market Entry Versus Market Creation
        3. Market Creation: Why Bother?
        4. Making Sense of Consumer Market Creation
        5. Framing the Market-Creating Value Proposition
        6. Defining the Market-Creating Innovation Strategy
        7. Aligning Business Strategies with BoP Opportunities
        8. Notes
    11. Part Three: Effective Implementation
      1. Chapter 5. A Microlevel Approach to Understanding BoP Marketplaces
        1. The BOP and Multifaceted Deprivation
        2. The BOP Marketplaces
        3. Local Sustainability
        4. Learning from BOP Contexts
        5. Researching and Understanding BOP Contexts
        6. Designing Sustainable Solutions for the BOP
        7. Communicating and Delivering Sustainable Value
        8. Implementing Enterprise Solutions for the BOP
        9. Ingraining Social Good in Organizations
        10. The “What” of BoP Marketplaces: Context and Characteristics at the Micro Level
        11. What This Means: Developing Understanding of BoP Marketplaces
        12. The How: Designing Solutions for BoP Marketplaces
        13. Implications for Commercial and Social Enterprises
        14. Notes
      2. Chapter 6. Reframing Design for the Base of the Pyramid
        1. From an Economy of Scale to an Economy of Choice
        2. Addressing the BoP Innovation Gap
        3. From “What Should It Look Like?” to “What Should It Be?”
        4. How Does Strategic Design Actually Work in the BoP?
        5. A Case in Point
        6. Back to the Chotukool
        7. Transformation
        8. Notes
      3. Chapter 7. BoP Venture Formation for Scale
        1. Challenges on Three Levels
        2. Building Global/Local Ventures to Reach Scale
        3. Building Ecosystems to Support Scale
        4. Enabling Value at the Operational Level
        5. Ideas into Action
        6. Notes
    12. Conclusion: A Continuing Journey
      1. The Journey Ahead
      2. Additional Key Topics Worthy of Deep Discussion
      3. Reflections from the Field
      4. Looking Forward
      5. In Closing
      6. Notes
    13. Attendees at the “Creating a Shared Roadmap” Conference
    14. Index
    15. Financial Times Press
  5. Capitalism at the Crossroads: Next Generation Business Strategies for a Post-Crisis World
    1. Contents
    2. Praise for Capitalism at the Crossroads
    3. About the Author
    4. Acknowledgments
      1. Notes
    5. Preface: Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States
    6. Foreword: Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO, S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
    7. Part One. Mapping the Terrain
      1. Prologue: Reinventing Capitalism for the Post-Crisis World
        1. The Great Disruption
        2. The Best of Times, The Worst of Times
        3. Environmental Meltdown?
        4. The Demise of Development
        5. Implications for Corporations
        6. The Fork in the Road
        7. Notes
      2. 1. From Obligation to Opportunity
        1. The Great Trade-Off Illusion
        2. The Greening Revolution
        3. Shattering the Trade-Off Myth
        4. Breaking Free of Command-and-Control
        5. Beyond Greening
        6. Raging Against the Machine
        7. Smart Mobs Versus Smart Globalization
        8. Becoming Indigenous
        9. The Road Ahead
        10. Overview of the Book
        11. Notes
      3. 2. Worlds in Collision
        1. The Three Economies
        2. Collision Course
        3. New Lenses on the Global Market
        4. Developed Markets: Reducing Corporate Footprint
        5. Emerging Markets: Avoiding the Collision
        6. Traditional Markets: Serving Real Needs
        7. The Value Proposition
        8. Notes
      4. 3. The Sustainable Value Portfolio
        1. Sustainability Buzzwords
        2. Elements of Shareholder Value
        3. The Buzzword Sort
        4. Connecting the Dots: The Sustainable Value Portfolio
        5. Charting the Sustainable Value Portfolio
        6. The Road to Sustainability
        7. Pursuing the White Space
        8. Notes
    8. Part Two. Beyond Greening
      1. 4. Clean Technology and Creative Destruction
        1. Continuous Improvement Versus Creative Destruction
        2. From Textile Dyes to Biomaterials
        3. Using Carbon Dioxide to Change the World
        4. Developing an Ecomagination
        5. Whole-Systems Thinking
        6. Reinventing the Wheels
        7. Technologies of Liberation
        8. Eating Your Own Lunch
        9. Notes
      2. 5. Innovation from the Bottom-Up
        1. On the Horns of a Dilemma
        2. Birth of BoP
        3. The Tip of the Iceberg
        4. Creative Creation
        5. Driving Innovation from the Base of the Pyramid
        6. Connecting the World
        7. Food, Health, and Hope?
        8. Power to the People
        9. The Great Convergence
        10. A New Development Paradigm
        11. Taking the Great Leap
        12. Notes
      3. 6. Raising the Base of the Pyramid
        1. BoP Pioneers
        2. It’s the Business Model, Stupid
        3. Assessing Sustainability Impact
        4. Village Phones: The Triple Bottom Line
        5. The MNC Advantage
        6. A Common Cause
        7. Notes
    9. Part Three. Becoming Indigenous
      1. 7. Broadening the Corporate Bandwidth
        1. Learning from Ladakh
        2. The Post-Development Challenge
        3. Radical Transactiveness
        4. Fanning Out: Extending the Scope of the Firm
        5. Fanning In: Integrating Diverse and Disconfirming Information
        6. Expanding Our Concept of the Global Economy
        7. From Alien to Native
        8. Notes
      2. 8. Developing Native Capability
        1. Next Generation Strategies and Skills
        2. Moving Beyond the Multinational Model
        3. Notes
      3. 9. Re-Embedding Innovation Strategy
        1. Comparing Apples and Oranges
        2. Toward a Base of the Pyramid Protocol
        3. Learning by Doing
        4. Taking the Initiative on Water
        5. The Three Big Challenges
        6. Leading the Next Great Transformation
        7. Notes
      4. 10. Building the Sustainable Global Enterprise
        1. Making It Happen in the Real World
        2. Aligning the Organization
        3. Building the Cathedral
        4. Postscript
        5. Notes
    10. Epilogue: Looking Forward
      1. Draining the Swamp
      2. The Next Tsunami
      3. Who Will Be the Twenty-First Century Watchdog?
      4. Notes
    11. Index
  6. Africa Rising: How 900 Million African Consumers Offer More Than You Think
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Dedication
    3. About the Author
    4. Preface: Consumer Safari
    5. Part I. The African Opportunity
      1. 1. Baking Bread in Zimbabwe
        1. African Wealth: The Tenth Largest Economy in the World
        2. A Different Type of Oil and Diamonds
        3. An Irish Beer Finds Its Future in Africa
        4. An Inflection Point
        5. Looking East: The New Gold Rush
        6. Entrepreneurship Is Alive and Well in Africa
        7. Trade Not Aid
        8. The Need for Leadership
        9. Africa’s Rise: Hidden in Plain Sight
        10. Inexplicable Optimism
        11. Rising Opportunities
      2. 2. Africa Is Richer Than You Think
        1. Meeting the Objections
        2. The Magnifiers
        3. Accelerants: Cell Phones and Banking
        4. Does Africa Exist?
        5. Diversity and Tolerance
        6. Beyond the Numbers
        7. Rising Opportunities
      3. 3. The Power of Africa Two
        1. Meet Africa Two
        2. The Sweet Spot of the African Market
        3. Opportunities in Africa Two
        4. Opportunities at Every Level
        5. A Continent of Aspirations: Keep Walking
        6. Conclusion: An Open Door
        7. Rising Opportunities
    6. Part II. Realizing the Opportunity
      1. 4. Harnessing the Hanouti: Opportunities in Organizing the Market
        1. Organizing the Market
        2. Organizing Retail: Shopping in Alexandra
        3. Opportunities from Making the Informal Formal
        4. Tokunbo: Organizing Secondhand
        5. Organizing Distribution
        6. Organizing Medicine
        7. Organizing Transportation
        8. Organizing Brands and Marketing
        9. Creating Brands from Commodities
        10. Organizing Education and Training
        11. The Power of Organizing Markets
        12. Rising Opportunities
      2. 5. Building Mama Habiba an Ice Factory: Opportunities in Infrastructure
        1. Providing Power and Ice
        2. Water Pumps
        3. Sanitation, Water and Air
        4. Airlines
        5. Opportunities for Leapfrogging
        6. Leading in Infrastructure
        7. Transforming Infrastructure: The Muthaiga Golf Club
        8. Rising Opportunities
      3. 6. Running with the Cheetah Generation: Opportunities in Africa’s Youth Market
        1. A Youth Market
        2. Cheetahs and Hippos
        3. Speaking Sheng: Connecting with Youth
        4. Music: The Universal Language
        5. Speaking the Language of Sports
        6. Understanding Youth
        7. Opportunities in the Cradle of Civilization
        8. Opportunities in Education
        9. Fountain of Youth
        10. Rising Opportunities
      4. 7. Hello to Nollywood: Opportunities in Media and Entertainment
        1. The Accidental Nigerian Film Industry
        2. Theaters That Don’t Look Like Theaters
        3. Television and Radio: Beyond Two Channels
        4. The Small Screen
        5. Print and Online
        6. The Walls Can Talk
        7. Third Eye
        8. Chopped Dollars and Other Surprises of African Technology and Media
        9. Pirates of Jo’burg
        10. From Michael Power to Media Power
        11. Our Stories Are Your Stories
        12. Rising Opportunities
      5. 8. Coming Home: Opportunities in the African Diaspora
        1. The Growing African Diaspora
        2. From Nigeria, With Love: An Engine for Investment
        3. ATMs, Letters, Groceries and Cell Phone Minutes
        4. Investments and Charity
        5. Coming Home: Tourism
        6. Serving the Diaspora Abroad
        7. Door of Return: The Complex Diaspora
        8. Strengthening Connections
        9. Rising Opportunities
    7. Conclusion: Ubuntu Market
      1. The Power of Ubuntu
      2. Building Community through Corporate Social Responsibility
      3. Trade Not Aid: Beyond a Continent of Victims
      4. Rebranding Africa
      5. A Call to Action
      6. Bridging the Divide
      7. Reinventing Africa
      8. Rising Opportunities
    8. Endnotes
      1. Preface
      2. Chapter 1
      3. Chapter 2
      4. Chapter 3
      5. Chapter 4
      6. Chapter 5
      7. Chapter 6
      8. Chapter 7
      9. Chapter 8
      10. Conclusion
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. Index
    11. Africa Rising

Product information

  • Title: Business Strategies for the Bottom of the Pyramid (Collection)
  • Author(s): Ted London, Stuart L. Hart, Eric Kacou
  • Release date: August 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132808538