Appendix: Snapshot of the Information Evolution Model

Chapters 3, 4, and 5 detail the levels of the Information Evolution Model. This appendix provides a brief overview of each level. It can help you begin to define what level your organization is at now—and what the next level looks like.


From the 30,000-foot perspective, the Individual Level organization is focused on getting the job done—now.

  • Business focus. Sustain day-to-day operations and promote the business. The focus is completely driven by the need to react to tactical and immediate business requirements. Long-term strategies for the business unit or the enterprise are not a priority.
  • Data value. Data is valued by some as a source of individual power and does provide limited value at the department level but questionable value for the enterprise. As long as data is perceived as correct for operational purposes—bills are accurate, orders are filled correctly—upper-level management is content.
  • Decision making. Decisions are limited to day-to-day, operational decisions, such as shipping, invoicing, sales, and collections.

    Most decisions are based on personal experience, intuition, or bravado with some reliance on information produced by Information Mavericks, typically on request.

  • Globalization. The Individual Level organization's ability to operate at the global level and deal with different market conditions is very limited. This is due to the fact that the basic fundamental ...

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