Chapter 15

Ten Ways to Advance Your Career with Writing

In This Chapter

arrow Using writing to improve relationships

arrow Elevating your value to employers, present and future

arrow Inspiring yourself with clearer goals and pathways

Good writing helps you succeed. Despite the business world’s growing need for effective communications, good writers are ever more difficult to find. Therefore they stand out. This chapter gives you ten specific ways to use your writing skill to advantage.

Use Everything You Write to Build Your Professional Image

Messages that are well thought out, written, edited and proofed do more than accomplish your immediate goals. Over time, they add up to a powerful tool for creating the professional image you want. Granted, most people aren’t conscious of why they find you credible, authoritative and convincing. But they credit you with all these qualities and more.

Tip.eps To capture this respect, use your best writing efforts on every message, not just the important ones like proposals and applications. Plan even the simplest email and draft it with attention to the person who’ll ...

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