Chapter 11

Writing for the Digital World


check Finding your place online

check Deciding which digital platforms are right for you

check Writing techniques for digital media

check Leveraging the power of SEO

The Internet is like a magic door that democratizes communication. It empowers you to reach almost anyone, anywhere, and offers you virtual space to represent your own interests. The price of entry for online action keeps coming down. If you have more money than time, you can hire teams of specialists to plan, write, design, and produce a website, like in the early days. But the tools become more and more sophisticated, and today, almost anyone can produce an effective site and do all or most of the work himself. You can put up your own blog in an hour or two. Or post comments and ideas on other people’s blogs with a click.

The windows opened by social media evolve even more dramatically. A decade ago, few people expected that 92 percent of employers would use social platforms to hire, and that three out of four would screen candidates online. Nor did we know that more than half of all ...

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