Chapter 5. Building the Juiceman® Brand

There are a lot of seemingly small decisions that go into developing a successful DRTV campaign designed to build a brand. Because we knew that Jay Kordich was our spokesperson, the things we had to decide were more geared to the style and format.

When we started planning, a potential idea struck me. Kordich had been really successful on Richard Bey's television show. They had a great rapport and Bey was a recognizable television professional. I thought, "Why don't we just call Richard Bey and see if he'll fly to Seattle to host the infomercial." Much to our relief, he was interested. At the time I was working with a successful television producer named Dan Riley. Dan was and still is a hard "Juicer," and he helped me recreate the format that had been so successful on the Richard Bey Show.

Because Kordich had so many years experience, we didn't really have to do much to craft a script. The plan was to let him and Bey interact naturally in front of a live studio audience, just as if it were a "regular" talk show. We'd decided the television show would use the direct response format because feedback had been so positive. We supplied Bey with a clear outline of the important discussion points. These were based on the kinds of questions that we found in the initial letters, supplemented by two years' worth of PR appearances and live seminars. I just highlighted target topics that I wanted Bey to prompt Kordich to talk about. The call-to-action of ...

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