Chapter 16. Conclusion

What do you require? A long-form campaign? A short-form campaign? Both? Let's say you decide. Asking what it costs is a fair question; but if you were to draw a parallel to the construction world, it's a little like asking, "What does it cost to build a house?" We all know the answer to that depends on a lot of factors, including land development, labor costs, materials cost, and the size, quality, and trimmings.

Infomercial production is exactly the same. Assuming you have already come through the "development" stage and you have a saleable product, now you will have to start outlining the creative strategy that best represents your product and invites the market to participate with sincerity.

Brass Tacks: What Does This Cost?

Some full-length infomercials cost $250,000; some cost north of $1 million, after talent considerations. We work on both types. Some infomercials for intellectual property cost far less. Dean Graziosi's real estate show is shot in his vehicle; it has absolutely no production value whatsoever, but it feels real! I would guess he didn't spend more than $15,000 shooting the host segment. Add in graphics, music, and tape trafficking, and he had a hit show for $40 grand; but it looks like it. Graziosi is building a brand around his name, not a quality-constructed product. There will be no expanded product line beyond him. He is the brand.

If you have an intellectual property product like Graziosi's, by all means, do it yourself! The passion ...

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