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C# 3.0 Unleashed: With the .NET Framework 3.5

Book Description

Whether you need an approachable on-ramp to .NET or you want to enhance your skills, C# 3.0 Unleashed is a comprehensive, in-depth guide to the solutions you seek. You’ll learn to do more with the new tools that are available, including Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework Class Libraries. Throughout this book, you’ll get a practical look at what can be the most useful tools for any given task. You’ll also learn common traps to avoid and learn insightful tips that will save you time and help you be more productive.

C# 3.0 Unleashed contains complete coverage of the C# programming language. The author covers all the essential syntax, but keeps the focus on practical application. The chapters are arranged to take you step-by-step from the core of the C# language to elements of the .NET Framework, and further into advanced concepts on distributed n-tier Internet applications. Additionally, C# 3.0 Unleashed shows you how to debug, monitor, and scale enterprise applications, enabling you to use the C# programming language to ship the right code at the right time.

What’s included in this book:

  • A complete reference for C# syntax, object oriented programming, and component programming with C#

  • Comprehensive data coverage through ADO.NET and LINQ

  • An introduction to UI technologies, including Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET Ajax, and Silverlight

  • Coverage of traditional ASMX and WCF Web Services

  • Coverage of multiple .NET technologies, including networking, instrumentation, interop, and multi-threading

  • In-depth discussion of platform concepts including CLR, Garbage Collection, Type System, Assemblies, and Code Access Security

  • Guidance on design and architecture for a big-picture view and essential help in piecing together all you’ve learned

  • Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication
    4. Table of Contents
    5. Introduction
    6. Part 1 Learning C# Basics
      1. 1 Introducing the .NET Platform
      2. 2 Getting Started with C# and Visual Studio 2008
      3. 3 Writing C# Expressions and Statements
      4. 4 Understanding Reference Types and Value Types
      5. 5 Manipulating Strings
      6. 6 Arrays and Enums
      7. 7 Debugging Applications with Visual Studio 2008
    7. Part 2 Object-Oriented Programming with C#
      1. 8 Designing Objects
      2. 9 Designing Object-Oriented Programs
      3. 10 Coding Methods and Custom Operators
      4. 11 Error and Exception Handling
      5. 12 Event-Based Programming with Delegates and Events
      6. 13 Naming and Organizing Types with Namespaces
      7. 14 Implementing Abstract Classes and Interfaces
    8. Part 3 Applying Advanced C# Language Features
      1. 15 Managing Object Lifetime
      2. 16 Declaring Attributes and Examining Code with Reflection
      3. 17 Parameterizing Type with Generics and Writing Iterators
      4. 18 Using Lambda Expressions and Expression Trees
    9. Part 4 Learning LINQ and .NET Data Access
      1. 19 Accessing Data with LINQ
      2. 20 Managing Data with ADO.NET
      3. 21 Manipulating XML Data
      4. 22 Creating Data Abstractions with the ADO.NET Entity Framework
      5. 23 Working with Data in the Cloud with ADO.NET Data Services
    10. Part 5 Building Desktop User Interfaces
      1. 24 Taking Console Applications to the Limit
      2. 25 Writing Windows Forms Applications
      3. 26 Creating Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Applications
    11. Part 6 Designing Web User Interfaces
      1. 27 Building Web Applications with ASP.NET
      2. 28 Adding Interactivity to Your Web Apps with ASP.NET AJAX
      3. 29 Crafting Rich Web Applications with Silverlight
    12. Part 7 Communicating with .NET Technologies
      1. 30 Using .NET Network Communications Technologies
      2. 31 Building Windows Service Applications
      3. 32 Remoting
      4. 33 Writing Traditional ASMX Web Services
      5. 34 Creating Web and Services with WCF
    13. Part 8 Examining .NET Application Architecture and Design
      1. 35 Using the Visual Studio 2008 Class Designer
      2. 36 Sampling Design Patterns in C#
      3. 37 Building N-Tier/Layer Systems
      4. 38 Automating Logic with Windows Workflow
    14. Part 9 Surveying More of the .NET Framework Class Library
      1. 39 Managing Processes and Threads
      2. 40 Localizing and Globalization
      3. 41 Performing Interop (P/Invoke and COM) and Writing Unsafe Code
      4. 42 Instrumenting Applications with System.Diagnostics Types
    15. Part 10 Deploying Code
      1. 43 Assemblies and Versioning
      2. 44 Securing Code
      3. 45 Creating Visual Studio 2008 Setup Projects
      4. 46 Deploying Desktop Applications
      5. 47 Publishing Web Applications
    16. Part 11 Appendixes
      1. A Compiling Programs
      2. B Getting Help with the .NET Framework
    17. Index