Chapter 1: Looking at How ASP.NET Works with C#

In This Chapter

check.png Getting to know web applications

check.png Conferring with the client

check.png Working with web servers

When I first started writing about World Wide Web applications, I had to describe the web first. There were still a significant number of programmers who didn’t know what it was or thought it was CompuServe.

I don’t really have that problem anymore.

The World Wide Web is now ubiquitous. Programmers of all stripes use the web for research and communication. Providers use it for product updates and documentation. It is everywhere.

All the more reason to know how to code in the web environment. Problem is that there are so many so-called frameworks for development that it is nearly impossible to decide which to use with a reasonable methodology. You almost have to draw straws.

If you’re working in a Microsoft environment and if you’re writing a non-exceptional program, I recommend that you use plain, vanilla ASP.NET. Why? Sempf’s Fourth Law: Simplicity above all. ASP.NET is a straightforward platform for web creation.

ASP.NET has its share of problems, most of which involve writing Google (or some other really big complicated program). ...

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