Querying an EF Core model

Open the Program.cs file and import the following namespaces:

    using static System.Console; 
    using Packt.CS7; 
    using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore; 
    using System.Linq; 

In the Main method, add the following statements to:

  • Create an instance of the Northwind class that will manage the database
  • Create a query for all categories that includes their related products
  • Enumerates through the categories, outputting the name and number of products for each one
  • Prompt the user for a price for products
  • Create a query for products that cost more than the price by using LINQ
  • Loop through the results
 using(var db = new Northwind()) { WriteLine("List of categories and the number of products:"); IQueryable<Category> cats = db.Categories.Include(c ...

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