Manipulating data with EF Core

It is easy to insert, update, and delete entities using EF Core.

Inserting entities

At the bottom of the Main method, after the foreach statement, add the following code to insert a new product and relist all products:

    var newProduct = new Product 
      CategoryID = 6, // Meat & Poultry 
      ProductName = "Bob's Burger", 
      UnitPrice = 500M 
    // mark product as added in change tracking 
    // save tracked changes to database 
    foreach (var item in db.Products) 
      WriteLine($"{item.ProductID}: {item.ProductName} costs       

Rerun the application and enter 50. You will see that the product has been inserted:

78: Bob's Burger costs $500.00

Updating entities

Add the ...

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