Chapter 2

Describing Your Program with UML

In This Chapter

arrow Moving up to UML and modeling with it

arrow Designing with diagrams

arrow Going through iterations

arrow Stepping through phases

arrow Performing workflows

The ancient people knew something that we don’t know. Instead of wasting their time writing these big, long sentences and descriptions, they used hieroglyphics, pictures that just got right to the point. One picture = one statement. It wasn’t until the twentieth century that people in the computer world started getting back to their ancient roots and realized that maybe there was something to be said for all those drawings and pictures. One day, while working late, a small group of researchers realized that a nifty way to describe software is through drawings. And thus they came up with the Unified Modeling Language, or UML for short (pronounced, well, just You-Em-Ell).

In this chapter, we talk about what UML is and how you can use it to model your applications. We give a brief overview of the ...

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