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Will BriggsC++ for Lazy Programmershttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5187-4_28

28. C

Will Briggs
Lynchburg, VA, USA
If you know C++, you almost know C. Experience with C gets you another brag – one character long, so it should fit! – on your resume. C is popular for operating systems and embedded systems, and there are a lot of libraries in it.
C is essentially what we covered before getting to classes, excluding
  • cin and cout
  • & parameters
  • bool (use int instead)
There are no classes, exceptions, overloaded operators, templates, or namespaces. structs exist but don’t have member functions or public/private/protected sections (it’s all public).
There are smaller differences, including
  • Casting looks like this: (int) f, not ...

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