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4. Mouse, and if

Will Briggs
Lynchburg, VA, USA
In this chapter we’ll get mouse input, and the art of making decisions, computer style.

Mouse functions

Example 4-1 shows a program to detect where you clicked the mouse and report the result. Amazing, huh? Thus, we introduce three mouse functions: SSDL_GetMouseX, SSDL_GetMouseY, and SSDL_WaitMouse.
//Program to get a mouse click, and report its location
//            -- from _C++ for Lazy Programmers_
#include "SSDL.h"
int main(int argc, char** argv)
    sout << "Click the mouse and we'll see where you clicked.\n";
    //Get the mouse click
    SSDL_WaitMouse();                   //wait for click...
    int ...

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