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5. Loops, Input, and char

Will Briggs
Lynchburg, VA, USA
In this chapter we’ll look at repeated actions, input, and things to do with the character type.

Keyboard input

Consider this code:
int ageInYears;
sout << "How old are you? "; ssin >> ageInYears;
This prints the query about age, then waits for keyboard input. If the user enters a number, that number is stored in ageInYears. (Anything else is likely to give ageInYears a 0 value.) ssin 1 waits for you to hit Enter before it processes input, so backspacing is allowed.
ssin uses the same font and cursor as sout; they are both part of SSDL.
You may note how the << arrows go: with sout, they go from ...

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