• ... the class’s data members and other member functions—e.g., lines 28–29 and 36–38 can access data members hour, minute and second because they’re declared in Time.h as data members of class Time.

9.2.7 Time Class Member Function setTime and Throwing Exceptions

Function setTime (lines 12–23) is a public function that declares three int parameters and uses them to set the time. Line 14 tests each argument to determine whether the value is in range, and, if so, lines 15–17 assign the values to the hour, minute and second data members, respectively. The hour value must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than 24, because universal-time format represents hours as integers from 0 to 23 (e.g., 11 AM is hour 11, 1 PM is hour 13 and 11 PM is hour 23; ...

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