ios_base::openmode type — Open mode bits


typedef  . . .  openmode
typedef  . . .  open_mode
static const openmode app
static const openmode ate
static const openmode binary
static const openmode in
static const openmode out
static const openmode trunc
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The ios_base::openmode type is an integer, enum, or bitset type (the exact type is implementation-defined) that defines the mode for opening a file. The open_mode type is an integral type that represents the same information. Some functions that take an openmode parameter have an overloaded version that accepts an open_mode parameter and has the same functionality as its openmode counterpart. The open_mode type and related functions are deprecated, so you should use the openmode versions.

Table 13-16 lists the openmode literals and their meanings. (Refer to the <fstream> section of this chapter for the most common use of ios_base::openmode and the permitted combinations of openmode literals.) The openmode type is also used for the basic_streambuf::pubseekoff and pubseekpos functions, and for related functions.

Table 13-16. openmode literals




Seeks to end-of-file before each write


Seeks to end-of-file immediately after opening


Reads and writes in binary mode (default is text)


Opens for input (reading)


Opens for output (writing)


Truncates file to zero length

See Also

<bitset>, basic_filebuf ...

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