Continuous variable distribution

So far, we have looked at the distributions of categorical variables. Let's now look at the distributions of continuous variables in our feature set. Similar to the previous chapters, we are going to look at the quartiles for each continuous variable. The code to compute quartiles for each continuous feature looks as follows:

foreach (string variable in continuousVars){    Console.WriteLine(String.Format("\n\n-- {0} Distribution (Attack) -- ", variable));    double[] attachQuartiles = Accord.Statistics.Measures.Quantiles(        attackSubset[variable].DropMissing().ValuesAll.ToArray(),        new double[] { 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 }    );    Console.WriteLine( "Min: \t\t\t{0:0.00}\nQ1 (25% Percentile): \t{1:0.00}\nQ2 (Median): \t\t{2:0.00}\nQ3 ...

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