Testing Class GradeBook

Next, we’d like to use class GradeBook in a program. As you saw in Chapter 2, the function main (lines 19–23) begins the execution of every program.

In this program, we’d like to call class GradeBook’s displayMessage member function to display the welcome message. Typically, you cannot call a member function of a class until you create an object of that class. (As you’ll learn in Section 9.14, static member functions are an exception.) Line 21 creates an object of class GradeBook called myGradeBook. The variable’s type is GradeBook—the class we defined in lines 8–16. When we declare variables of type int, as we did in Chapter 2, the compiler knows what int is—it’s a fundamental type that’s “built into” C++. In line 21, ...

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