Indirection (*) Operator

The unary * operator—commonly referred to as the indirection operator or dereferencing operatorreturns an lvalue representing the object to which its pointer operand points. For example (referring again to Fig. 8.2), the statement

cout << *yPtr << endl;

displays the value of variable y, namely, 5, just as the statement

cout << y << endl;

would. Using * in this manner is called dereferencing a pointer. A dereferenced pointer may also be used on the left side of an assignment statement, as in

*yPtr = 9;

which would assign 9 to y in Fig. 8.3. The dereferenced pointer may also be used to receive an input value as in

cin >> *yPtr;

which places the input value in y.

Common Programming Error 8.2

Dereferencing an uninitialized ...

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