11.3.1. Creating and Using a CommissionEmployee Class

Let’s examine CommissionEmployee’s class definition (Figs. 11.411.5). The CommissionEmployee header (Fig. 11.4) specifies class CommissionEmployee’s public services, which include a constructor (lines 11–12) and member functions earnings (line 29) and print (line 30). Lines 14–27 declare public get and set functions that manipulate the class’s data members (declared in lines 32–36) firstName, lastName, socialSecurityNumber, grossSales and commissionRate. Member functions setGrossSales (defined in lines 57–63 of Fig. 11.5) and setCommissionRate (defined in lines 72–78 of Fig. 11.5), for example, validate their arguments before assigning the values to data members grossSales and commissionRate ...

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