12.3.2. Aiming Derived-Class Pointers at Base-Class Objects

In Section 12.3.1, we assigned the address of a derived-class object to a base-class pointer and explained that the C++ compiler allows this assignment, because a derived-class object is a base-class object. We take the opposite approach in Fig. 12.2, as we aim a derived-class pointer at a base-class object. [Note: This program reuses the final versions of classes CommissionEmployee and BasePlusCommissionEmployee from Section 11.3.5.] Lines 8–9 of Fig. 12.2 create a CommissionEmployee object, and line 10 creates a BasePlusCommissionEmployee pointer. Line 14 attempts to assign the address of base-class object commissionEmployee to derived-class pointer basePlusCommissionEmployeePtr, but ...

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