13.6.4. User-Defined Output Stream Manipulators

You can create your own stream manipulators. Figure 13.11 shows how to create and use new nonparameterized stream manipulators bell (lines 8–11), carriageReturn (lines 14–17), tab (lines 20–23) and endLine (lines 27–30). For output stream manipulators, the return type and parameter must be of type ostream &. When line 35 inserts the endLine manipulator in the output stream, function endLine is called and line 29 outputs the escape sequence \n and the flush manipulator (which flushes the output buffer) to the standard output stream cout. Similarly, when lines 35–44 insert the manipulators tab, bell and carriageReturn in the output stream, their corresponding functions—tab (line 20), bell (line 8) ...

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