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Cacti 0.8 Network Monitoring

Book Description

Monitor your network with ease!

  • Install and setup Cacti to monitor your network and assign permissions to this setup in no time at all

  • Create, edit, test, and host a graph template to customize your output graph

  • Create new data input methods, SNMP, and Script XML data query

  • Full of screenshots and step-by-step instructions to monitor your network with Cacti

In Detail

Cacti is a network monitoring tool that provides graphic solutions to your everyday monitoring issues. It has a wide variety of features and misusing them can mean that you are not monitoring your network as closely as you think. This book takes you through all of the key features of Cacti and shows how to use them for maximum effectiveness.

This book will teach you how to use Cacti effectively to monitor your network through its web interface leaving aside all the heavy chunks of code. You will be introduced to all the features of Cacti in an easy-to-understand format.

This book introduces Cacti and goes through its complete installation and setup. After a quick look, it will teach you to use Cacti's amazing graph templating and user management features. You will learn to customize graphs and make them better looking and easier to understand. It will teach you to provide the paths to any external script or command using Cacti. Then it will take you through importing and managing new templates and also customizing them. Creating users and assigning permissions to them is the next step in this book. Towards the end, you will learn to take backups and restore the system.

Table of Contents

  1. Cacti 0.8 Network Monitoring
  2. Credits
  3. About the Authors
  4. About the Reviewers
  5. Preface
    1. What this book covers
    2. Who this book is for
    3. Conventions
    4. Reader feedback
    5. Customer support
      1. Errata
      2. Piracy
      3. Questions
  6. 1. Cacti Overview
    1. What is Cacti?
    2. Why Cacti?
    3. Cacti operation
      1. Data retrieval
      2. Data storage
      3. Data presentation
    4. Basic knowledge on Net-SNMP
    5. Basic knowledge on RRDtool
      1. How does the RRDTool work?
    6. Summary
  7. 2. Prerequisites and Installing Cacti on Linux
    1. Cacti's prerequisites
      1. Installing Cacti prerequisites
        1. Apache
        2. PHP
        3. MySQL
        4. Net-SNMP
        5. RRDTool
    2. Installing Cacti
      1. Installing Cacti using APT
        1. RRDTool Binary Path
        2. PHP Binary Path
        3. snmpwalk Binary Path
        4. snmpget Binary Path
        5. snmpbulkwalk Binary Path
        6. snmpgetnext Binary Path
        7. Cacti Log File Path
        8. SNMP Utility Version
        9. RRDTool Utility Version
      2. Installing Cacti from Source/Manual installation
    3. Upgrading Cacti
      1. Using APT
      2. From source
    4. Patch
    5. Summary
  8. 3. Using Graphs to Manage Networks and Devices
    1. Creating graphs
      1. Adding a device
      2. Device fields definition
    2. SNMP support in Cacti
    3. Creating a graph for the device
    4. Organizing graphs
    5. Summary
  9. 4. Creating and Using Templates
    1. Types of Cacti templates
      1. Graph templates
        1. Creating a graph template
          1. Graph Template Item
        2. Graph Item Inputs
      2. Host templates
        1. Creating host templates
        2. Using host templates
      3. Importing templates
      4. Exporting templates
      5. Important templates
    2. Summary
  10. 5. User Management
    1. User Management console
    2. Adding a user in Cacti
    3. Editing a user
      1. Realm permissions
      2. Graph permissions
      3. Graph settings
    4. Other User Management options
      1. Deleting users
      2. Enabling and disabling users
      3. Copying users
      4. Batch copying
    5. Summary
  11. 6. NET-SNMP
    1. What is SNMP?
    2. How SNMP works?
    3. Management Information Bases (MIBs)
    4. Comparison of SNMP versions and security
    5. Net-SNMP
    6. Basic Net-SNMP commands
    7. Summary
  12. 7. Data Management
    1. Data input method
      1. Creating a data input method
        1. Input fields
        2. Output fields
    2. Data queries
      1. Creating a data query
        1. Associated Graph Templates
    3. SNMP query XML syntax
    4. Script Query XML
    5. Creating a graph for single SNMP OID
    6. Summary
  13. 8. Cacti Management
    1. Directory structure
    2. Backup
      1. File backup
        1. Database backup
    3. Restoring from a backup
    4. Poller cache
    5. Command Line Interface
    6. Summary