Expectation Management 9
Is there anything wrong with Poonam’s expectations? If you ask
industry practitioners or human resource (HR) professionals, then,
the answer may be yes!
In a race to finish o the huge education loan in a short span of time,
students sometimes set unreasonable targets and remain rigid about
not accepting a package that is lower than what they have in mind. As
a result, their focus is only on the package and not on the job profile
of their interest or the brand of the company. In this race, when these
students don’t get the package of their expectations, they prefer wait-
ing for better companies rather than adapting to the circumstances
without realizing that every passing day may reduce the number of
opportunities. In a bid to wait for an ideal role or the desired sal-
ary package, it may so happen that students miss golden opportuni-
ties which did come their way and eventually remain unplaced at the
and banking sectors. Finishing MBA from one of the most
reputed institutes in India was a good enough reason for her to
believe that she would crack any one of these ‘six’ (Just six?)
companies. Though she did reach the final rounds of each one of
them, unfortunately, she didn’t get the job!
All of a sudden, her world appeared to be falling apart.
Nevertheless, she still had a hope of more companies coming
to the campus who would oer a package of more than `20–30
lac, which was her motivation for applying to a B-school in the
first place. But the companies that later turned up were oering
something little more than 10. “Nah!”, she thought, “I am not
going to apply for anything less than 20; after all, I have ratio-
nalized my expectation! I was earlier expecting 30 plus. I have
already adjusted 10 lakhs in my compensation that I deserve. So,
she kept waiting for companies, but neither did they turn up nor
were they willing to oer her the expected salary. Then came a
day, when all her roommates, floor mates, even block mates got
placed, and she was left high and dry fuming at the turn of events.
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