54 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
Take feedback constructively and move on: While it is impor-
tant to be confident of your abilities, paying heed to the feedback
received for your work would help you improve further. A con-
fident person receives feedback with utmost poise and with an
open mind to work on the areas of improvement.
Read as knowledge gives you
confidence: Francis Bacon,
a prolific writer, rightly men-
tioned, “Reading maketh a full
man; Conference a ready man;
Writing an exact man”. Reading
broadens your mental horizons,
empowers you with analytical
thinking and gives you the confi-
dence to address the concerns. A
well-read person is considered to
be knowledgeable, credible, and
confident and is able to make a
mark in this competitive world.
C. Grooming and Business Etiquette
Have you ever noticed that among the
pool of people at your workplace, there
are some who you wish to work with and
some others with whom you may not even
like to be associated with? From executive
B of Figure 2.1, we understand that to a
large extent, we are more comfortable
working with well-groomed people with
proper business etiquette. Thus, these
attributes define our personality, help us
create a positive first impression, and cre-
ate opportunities for advancement.
Grooming is all about how you look
and present yourself, and it is an impor-
tant part of a person’s appearance.
Exhibit 2.4 Knowledge boosts
Exhibit 2.5 Look the part;
be a professional.
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Personality Development 55
Grooming is not about wearing expensive dress or jewelry, rather, it
complements an expensive outfit. Business etiquette can be defined
as the manner in which one should behave in a business environment
and how one should interact with people at the workplace. Grooming
and business etiquette comprise the manner in which you dress, talk,
look at people, and behave with them. They also involve appropriately
greeting people and introducing them. While performing a job, these
attributes are as important as the job itself.
The next real-life case study will help you understand the rele-
vance of these attributes and the various components of grooming and
business etiquette.
In any interview within first five minutes, an
interviewer makes a decision that comes from
his (or her) personality; etiquette; dressing
and grooming; remaining half an hour goes
into validating that first feel. It may be possi-
ble that the outcome is entirely dierent from
the first feel.
–Ramit Tyagi,
Recruitment Head for a Global IT Services
Organization in Noida
Real-life Case Situation
Prannav had his campus interview scheduled for the position of
Assistant Finance Manager in a reputed firm. He had a strong
background in finance with excellent grades and had prepared
himself well for the role by taking up several short-term projects
in the finance domain. The interviewers, impressed with his pro-
file, confidently shortlisted him for the interview.
M02_Campus Placements_C02.indd 55 8/26/2016 1:34:26 PM

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