How to Crack a Job Interview Successfully? 133
the embarrassment of reaching late. However, if due to some
exigency you are not able to reach on time, inform the com-
pany ocials well in time and apologize for the inconvenience.
You should also make sure that all required documents for the
interview are collated and arranged in a presentable folder, at
least, a day before the interview. Some of the documents that you
might be required to carry are your résumé, interview call let-
ter, certificates, a professional looking pen, and a small notepad.
Carrying these items exhibits your organized and professional
demeanor to the interviewer.
Candidates’ Common Concerns
Related to Interviews
The questions generally asked by the participants in various interview
workshops that we have conducted are given below along with our
1. “If I know the culture of an organization is informal, and the
company prefers its employees dressing casually, can I dress
up for the interview in a similar fashion?”
An interview is a formal discussion and dressing up casually for
this forum would be the biggest mistake you can ever make! Even
if the company you are applying to encourages its employees to
dress up casually, you need to be formally attired for your first for-
mal interaction. We would suggest that err on the formal side when
it comes to dressing, and you will never regret (see Exhibit 5.4)!
Exhibit 5.4 In your research
about the company, include
researching the dress code.
“What should I wear to the Interview?, Bull Persona GD/PI; Retrieved on December 30, 2015,
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134 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
2. “How do I greet interviewer(s)? Should I oer a handshake
to the panelists? If I am not asked to sit, what should I do?”
You should take permission
while entering the room and
close the door softly. You
should greet all the inter-
viewers courteously with a
smile while maintaining eye
contact. Avoid oering hand-
shakes, however, you should
confidently shake hands if
it is initiated by to the inter-
viewers. Wait till you are
asked to sit down, and if the
interviewers do not ask you to
be seated (which they might
sometimes do deliberately),
you may politely ask if you
Exhibit 5.5 Greeting at an inter-
view makes or breaks the deal!
Real-life Case Situation
A boy appeared for an interview on 14 February (which hap-
pens to be the Valentine’s Day). To stand out from the crowd, he
thought that if there were a lady in the interview panel, he would
wish her on the occasion. When he entered the room, he saw a
woman sitting there. He immediately reached to the lady and
pulled out his hand close to her for a handshake and said, “Happy
Valentine’s Day. The lady was taken aback with this intruding
gesture. After the interview got over, the boy said to the lady,
“Can I recite few lines of a poem for you?” The lady was amused
but allowed the candidate to go ahead. He recited a couple of
lines on the occasion and then again shook hands only with the
lady and left.
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How to Crack a Job Interview Successfully? 135
3. “While handling domain-specific questions, if I do not
know the answer to a particular question or if I am not
sure of the answer, what should I do? Would my inabil-
ity to answer one or two questions lead to rejection in the
Interviewers ask domain-specific questions to analyze your
understanding of the subject, academic rigor, and overall knowl-
edge. It is important to answer the questions with integrity and
sincerity; display of superficial behavior or shallowness would
be gauged by the interviewers. Therefore, if you do not know the
answer to a particular question, it is better to admit rather than
try to play around the question and prove your point. If you are
not sure of the answer, you may mention that though you are not
Exhibit 5.6 Don’t get too personal in interviews.
Valentine’s day
The interviewer was stunned and confused at the candi-
date’s behavior. Shaking hands inappropriately, wishing her
on Valentine’s Day, and reciting poem did not exhibit pro-
fessional behavior for an interview. The candidate, for sure,
managed to stand out from the crowd, but for all the wrong
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