190 CAMPUS PLACEMENTS: Ensure You Don’t Remain Unplaced
take o due to various other factors including lack of seriousness at
later stages, problems in managing studies and project work together
or sheer pressure from parents to seek a secured job and start repaying
the huge educational loan rather than getting into further uncertainty.
This is the time when the last minute change in their plan to take up a
campus job and shelve or postpone the idea of entrepreneurial venture
may land them into serious trouble as there is a sheer shortage of time
to catchup for preparations.
Since they were in a dierent mindset, their preparation level
shows in the final interview, and recruiters are sharp enough to gauge
it. A little prodding corners them, and they spill the beans that this
was not their first choice. Such students generally find themselves
at the receiving end where recruiters end up doubting their clarity
of thought and decision-making powers. They sometimes end up
questioning these students as to why they ditched their dreams? Why
couldn’t they carry on with their ambitious projects? Do they have
the required appetite of taking risks and decision making? Also, the
inability and, sometimes, the unwillingness of these students to give
a pleasing response, which any other student would have rehearsed to
get it right in the final round, makes them appear snob, high-headed,
and unfit for the corporate world. As a result, they end up getting
suggestions of rather not joining the corporate world since they are
anyway destined to fail there.
Therefore, the take away from this discussion is to dream big and
dare to tread on the entrepreneurial venture with a well-planned strat-
egy, but also be ready with a plan B by preparing well for a job.
Everyone plans to be a CEO in the shortest possible span of time, but
you need to have achievable targets set towards that journey and real-
istic game plan to walk that path. The planning requires you to build
a robust strategy to get your dream job and also create a plan B to get
the job oer closest to your targeted one.
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