Chapter 7. A World of Subjects

In This Chapter

  • Action and sports photography

  • Architecture and interior photography

  • Black-and-white photography

  • Business photography

  • Candid photography

  • Child photography

  • Commercial assignment photography

  • Editorial photography and photojournalism

  • Environmental portrait photography

  • Event photography

  • Fine-art photography

  • Flower and macro photography

  • Food photography

  • Landscape and nature photography

  • Night, evening, and low-light photography

  • Panoramic photography

  • Pet and animal photography

  • Portrait photography

  • Still-life and product photography

  • Stock photography

  • Street photography

  • Sunset and sunrise photography

  • Travel photography

  • Weather and seasonal photography

  • Wedding photography

In this section of the book, you can explore a wide variety of photography specialty areas and subjects and see real examples of how the EOS 30D performs in the field with each subject.

Action and Sports Photography

With a burst rate of between approximately 30 and 11 frames with smart buffering in High-speed Continuous Drive mode, the 30D allows for fast-action shooting, and the focal length multiplication factor of 1.6x brings the action close in with telephoto lenses. For example, using the Canon EF 70–200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens effectively provides a 112–320mm equivalent focal length. And with shutter speeds ranging from 1/8000 to 30 sec., the camera offers ample opportunity to either freeze or show action.

Of course, the difference in technique is primarily a result of shutter speed. Fast shutter speeds ...

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