Quick Tour

Whether you just got your Canon EOS 6D or you’ve been using it for a while, it’s important to set up the camera for the image quality and program settings that suit your preferences and skill level. This Quick Tour gives you a brief look at the 6D’s key controls and provides the basics for quickly setting up and using the camera.

The 6D is versatile and fun to use. You can begin by using one of the automated modes or leverage a full range of creative options using the semi-automatic and manual modes — the choice is yours. As you gain experience, you gain the power and skills you need to take image creation with the 6D to the next level.


The sophisticated, yet simple-to-use capabilities of the Canon EOS 6D don’t disappoint. Exposure: ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/1600 second with the Lensbaby Composer.

Key Canon EOS 6D Controls

The camera controls you’ll use most often are easily within reach. The following main controls can be used together or separately to control key functions on the 6D:

Mode dial. This dial enables you to choose an exposure mode and is grouped into two Zones: Basic and Creative. The Basic Zone is great for beginners who don’t yet have a solid grasp of how to set exposure properly on their own. It’s comprised of the following automatic modes: Scene Intelligent Auto (  ), Creative Auto (  ), and Special Scene (  ). The second section on the Mode dial includes ...

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