Chapter 8

Shooting and Viewing Movies


check Recording your first movie using the default settings

check Understanding the frame rate, frame size, and movie quality options

check Adjusting audio-recording options

check Controlling exposure during movie recording

check Playing movies

In addition to being a stellar still-photography camera, your 77D can record high-definition (HD) digital movies. This chapter gets you started on your cinematic path by providing step-by-step instructions for recording movies the easy way — that is, using Scene Intelligent Auto exposure mode, autofocusing, and auto just-about-everything else. After that, you can find details on how to adjust recording settings such as movie frame size and audio-recording volume.

However, note that some camera settings, such as those that affect focusing, exposure, and color, work the same way for movie recording as they do for still photography. Instead of repeating all that information here, this chapter concentrates on movie-specific ...

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