Exploring Wireless Connections

Your camera enables you to connect wirelessly to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. After you make the wireless link, you can download files to your computer or smart device, control your camera remotely, and perform a number of other functions. Before you can enjoy these features, however, you need to do the following:

  • Install Canon EOS Utility software on your computer. This free program, introduced in Chapter 10, serves as the concierge for wireless communication with a computer. It’s available for download from the Canon website.
  • Install the Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. This app, available for Android and iOS devices, is needed to connect your camera to a smartphone, tablet, or other “smart” device. Go to Google Play for the Android app; head to the App Store for the Apple iOS version. Before downloading, check the listed system requirements to make sure that your device can run the app.

Unfortunately, we don’t have room in this book to provide detailed information on the wireless functions because things work differently depending on your computer or smart device, the kind of security your wireless network employs, whether you’re using the Android or iOS version of the app, and so on. If you need more help after scanning the general overview provided in this appendix, download the electronic version of the Wi-Fi Function Instruction Manual, which offers a whopping 170 pages of details. (Visit ...

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