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Canon EOS 7D Mark II For Dummies

Book Description

Get great digital shots with your Canon EOS 7D Mark II

This full-color guide to the features and functions of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II makes it easy for first-time users to get the most out of the camera and capture cool, professional-level photos. Packed with examples on how to create eye-popping digital photos, Canon EOS 7D Mark II For Dummies gives you a plain-English tour of the camera's controls, shows how to manipulate focus and color, gives step-by-step instructions on how to shoot better low-light and action shots, and so much more.

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras offer full control over exposure settings while also providing pre-sets and auto mode options for beginners. If you're just picking up—or considering buying—a Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera, this fun and friendly guide takes the intimidation out of making sense of the bells and whistles so you can get right down to snapping stunning photos.

  • Covers shooting in auto mode and using live view and playback modes

  • Explains how to dial in exposure and use lighting controls

  • Includes easy tips for printing, posting photos online, and other ways to share images

  • Gives you ten photo editing tricks and pro functions

  • If you're an amateur photographer who wants better-than-entry-level gear, or a pro looking for a budget camera to add to your collection, Canon EOS 7D Mark II For Dummies has the information you need to get more bang for your buck out of this powerful camera.

    Table of Contents

      1. Cover
      2. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Conventions Used in This Book
        4. The Long and Winding Road Ahead
        5. Icons and Other Delights
        6. Shoot Lots of Pictures and Enjoy!
      3. Part I: Getting to Know Your Canon EOS 7D Mark II
        1. Chapter 1: Exploring the Canon EOS 7D Mark II
          1. Getting to Know the Controls
          2. Deciphering the LCD Panel
          3. Decoding Viewfinder Information
          4. Adjusting Viewfinder Clarity
          5. Working with Lenses
          6. Introducing the GPS Feature
          7. Exploring Camera Connections
          8. Modifying Basic Camera Settings
          9. Working with Memory Cards
          10. Taking Care of Your Camera Battery
          11. Charging Your Camera Battery
          12. Cleaning the Sensor
          13. Accessorizing Your EOS 7D Mark II
          14. Keeping the Camera Body Clean
        2. Chapter 2: Automatically Capturing Great Photographs
          1. Ordering from Your Camera Menu
          2. Taking Your First Picture
          3. Understanding Exposure and Focal Length
          4. Focusing On an Off-Center Subject
          5. Focusing Manually
          6. Using the Flash in Full Auto Mode
          7. Using the Self-Timer
          8. Triggering the Shutter Remotely
        3. Chapter 3: Specifying Image Size and Quality
          1. Understanding Image Size and Quality
          2. Specifying Image Format, Size, and Quality
          3. Comparing Image Formats and File Sizes
          4. Managing Image Files
        4. Chapter 4: Using the LCD Monitor
          1. Displaying Image Information
          2. Using the Histogram
          3. Previewing Your Images
          4. Modifying Image Review Time
          5. Changing Monitor Brightness
          6. Deleting Images
          7. Rotating Images
          8. Protecting Images
          9. Using the Quick Control Screen
          10. Viewing Images as a Slide Show
          11. Viewing Images on a TV Set
        5. Chapter 5: Shooting Pictures and Movies with Live View
          1. Taking Pictures with Live View
          2. Exploring Other Useful Live View Options
          3. Making Movies with Your Camera
          4. Previewing Movies on the Camera LCD Monitor
          5. About the Handy Pad
          6. Tips for Movie Shooting
      4. Part II: Going Beyond Point-and-Shoot Photography
        1. Chapter 6: Getting the Most from Your Camera
          1. Shooting with Two Cards
          2. Understanding Metering
          3. Taking Pictures with Creative Modes
          4. Modifying Camera Exposure
          5. Locking Focus
          6. Choosing a Drive Mode
          7. Using Custom Functions
          8. Clearing Custom Functions
          9. Useful Menu Commands for Images
        2. Chapter 7: Using Advanced Camera Features
          1. Viewing Battery Information
          2. Using the Auto Lighting Optimizer
          3. Reducing Lens Flicker
          4. Choosing a Metering Mode
          5. Displaying the Grid
          6. Using the Electronic Level
          7. Tailoring Autofocus to your Shooting Style
          8. Choosing a Picture Style
          9. Specifying the Color Space
          10. Setting White Balance
          11. Specifying Color Temperature
          12. Creating a Custom White Balance
          13. Setting the ISO Speed
          14. Extending the ISO Range
          15. Flash Photography and Your EOS 7D Mark II
          16. Controlling External Speedlites from the Camera
        3. Chapter 8: Mastering Your EOS 7D Mark II
          1. Choosing the Optimal Settings for Specific Situations
          2. Photographing Action
          3. Photographing Landscapes
          4. Photographing the Sunset
          5. Photographing People and Things
          6. Photographing Wildlife
          7. Enhancing Your Creativity
          8. Composing Your Images
          9. Seeing, Thinking, and Acting
          10. Defining Your Goals
      5. Part III: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 9: Ten Tips and Tricks
          1. Creating a Custom Menu
          2. Adding Copyright Information to the Camera
          3. Adding Author Name to the Camera
          4. Creating and Registering a Picture Style
          5. Editing Movies in the Camera
          6. Updating Your Camera’s Firmware
          7. Registering Camera User Settings
          8. Restoring Your Camera Settings
          9. Customizing Your Camera
          10. Getting Help
        2. Chapter 10: Ten More Tips and Tricks
          1. Adding GPS Information to Images
          2. Disabling the Autofocus Beep
          3. Creating HDR Images
          4. Creating Multiple Exposures In-Camera
          5. Using the Interval Timer
          6. Shooting Time Exposures with the Bulb Timer
          7. Modifying the Rate button
          8. Creating a Makeshift Tripod
          9. Creating Abstract Images in the Camera
          10. Working with Photoshop Lightroom
      6. Appendix A: Digital SLR Settings and Shortcuts
        1. Capturing Sporting Events
        2. Photographing Animals in the Wild
        3. Photographing Horse Racing
        4. Capturing a City Skyline
      7. Appendix B: Photographing Landscapes
        1. Photographing Grand Vistas
        2. Photographing Mountains
        3. Photographing Beach Sunsets
        4. Photographing Reflections in Still Water
      8. About the Author
      9. Cheat Sheet
      10. Connect with Dummies
      11. End User License Agreement