Chapter 1

Getting the Lay of the Land


Using an SLR lens

Adjusting the viewfinder and monitor

Practicing touchscreen gestures

Working with camera memory cards

Getting acquainted with external camera controls

Checking and changing camera settings

Customizing basic camera operations

If you’re like us, shooting for the first time with a camera as sophisticated as the Canon EOS 80D produces a blend of excitement and anxiety. On one hand, you can’t wait to start using your new equipment, but on the other, you’re a little intimidated by all its buttons, dials, and menu options.

Well, fear not: This chapter provides the information you need to start getting comfortable with your 80D. Along with an introduction to the camera’s external controls, we offer details about working with lenses and memory cards, viewing and adjusting camera settings, and choosing basic setup options.

Looking at Lenses

One of the biggest differences between a point-and-shoot camera and a dSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera is the lens. With a dSLR, you can change lenses to suit different photographic needs, going from an extreme close-up lens to a super-long telephoto, for example. In addition, a dSLR lens has a focusing ring that gives you the option of focusing manually instead of relying on the camera’s autofocus mechanism.

We don’t have room in this book to go into detail about the science of lenses, nor do we think that an in-depth knowledge of the subject is terribly important to ...

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