Chapter 8

Manipulating Focus and Color


Controlling the camera’s focusing performance

Sorting through autofocusing options

Understanding focal length and depth of field

Exploring white balance and Picture Styles

To many people, the word focus has just one interpretation when applied to a photograph: Either the subject is in focus, or it’s blurry. But an artful photographer knows that there’s more to focus than simply getting a sharp image of a subject. You also need to consider depth of field, which is the distance over which focus appears acceptably sharp. This chapter explains all the ways to control depth of field and also discusses how to use your camera's advanced autofocus options.

In addition, this chapter dives into the topic of color, explaining White Balance, a feature that compensates for the varying color casts created by different light sources, and Picture Styles, which affect image sharpness and contrast as well as color.

Note: Focusing information in this chapter relates to viewfinder photography only. Both automatic and manual focusing work differently in Live View and Movie modes, so see Chapter 4 for focusing help when using those features.

Reviewing Focus Basics

Earlier chapters touch on various focus issues. In case you’re not reading this book from front to back, the following steps provide a recap of the basic process of focusing using the default options. (The next section explains how to stray from the defaults.)

If the camera is currently ...

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