Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS/1000D

Book description

Just bought a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS/1000D and looking to combine practical know-how with inspiration? This one-stop, easy-to-read guide covers all the basic functions of the camera, and everything beyond.

Inside, you'll find detailed explanations of every control and every feature, including full-color illustrations showing how changing each setting will affect your photos. But this book's greatest strength isn't its focus on the camera; it's the detailed, easy-to-follow instruction it offers on using your camera to take superior photographs. The lens, the subject matter, the light-all these variables are covered in depth, and always in the context of the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS/1000D.

Written by a widely acclaimed photographer and teacher, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS/1000D shows you how to get the shots you can see in your head but have never been able to capture with a camera.

.Get up and running in five minutes with the quick start guide
.Master your camera's many features and controls
.Profit from dozens of tips and tricks
.See first-hand how different settings affect your photos
.Refine and manage your photos using the Canon software
.Be inspired by hundreds of gorgeous, full color photographs, and learn how to get the same effects in your own shots

Product information

  • Title: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS/1000D
  • Author(s): Christopher Grey
  • Release date: March 2013
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136098772