AC Adapter Kit (ACK-E5), vs. battery, 110

Accessory flash

drawbacks, 221

E-TTL mode, 219, 221-222

EX-II, 219

Flash Exposure Bracketing, 224-225

High-Speed Sync, 225-226

Macro Twin Lite, 231-234

Ring Lite, 235-236

Second-Curtain Sync, 226

Speedlites, 223-224

with wide-angle lens, 220

and zoom lenses, 222

Add Original Decision Data (C.Fn 12), 104

A-DEP mode, see Automatic Depth of Field (A-DEP) mode


Color Space option, 88

My Menu, 105

Advanced Picture Style Settings, 140-141

AEB, see Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB)

AF, see Auto focus (AF)

AF-Assist Beam Firing (C.Fn 6), 101

AF during Live View Shooting (C.Fn 7), 101

AFPS, see Automatic Focus Point Selection (AFPS)

Afternoon light, as lighting condition, 166

AI Focus

basic usage, ...

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