Chapter 1. Exploring and Setting Up the Rebel XSi/450D

In This Chapter

  • Anatomy of the Rebel XSi/450D

  • Setting up the Rebel XSi/450D

Professional photographers know that an important first step in photography is learning the camera so thoroughly that they can operate the camera without hesitating or hunting for controls. By knowing the camera and lens controls well, you can make adjustments instinctively and confidently without missing a shot.

The simple design of the Rebel XSi/450D makes mastering it both easy and fun; yet despite the simplicity, the camera offers full-function features for exceptional creative control. Internally, Canon's 12.2-megapixel CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensor, DIGIC III Image Processor, and 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion deliver dependably vivid, crisp images, especially at the highest image-quality settings.

Anatomy of the Rebel XSi/450D

Many of the Rebel XSi/450D's controls are within a finger's reach for quick adjustment as you're shooting. Less frequently used functions are accessible only via the menus. The following sections help you to explore and master the XSi/450D controls.

Front camera controls

The front of the camera is a view photographers seldom see. But there are controls and connections on the front of the camera that you'll use often, such as the Lens release button and the Depth of field preview button. If you use EF-S lenses, you should note the location of the white EF-S lens mount index mark. This is the mark you ...

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