Chapter 2: Setting Up the Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D

This chapter covers the menus displayed on the LCD screen when you press the menu button ( menuc.eps ) on the back of the camera. I also share an overview of what each option does. Generally, each menu has a theme, such as the shooting, movie, setup, and playback menus. Some menus are visible only when using specific modes, such as movie shooting ( movieshooting.eps ). It’s not easy to remember where all of the functions are located within the menus, so take some time to review where the key settings are, such as long exposure noise reduction, and the custom and wireless functions. The menu color codes can help you remember the locations of your favorite settings. If you continue to have trouble finding certain functions, make sure that you keep your Digital Field Guide with you for reference.


The Menu button is on the upper-left side on the back of your camera.

The Shooting Menus

If you use the Creative Zone modes — Program AE ( program.eps ), Shutter-priority AE ( shutterpriorityae.eps ), ...

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