Chapter 11

Ten More Ways to Customize Your Camera

In This Chapter

arrow Changing the function of the Set button

arrow Turning off the beep and AF-Assist beam

arrow Creating your own folders and camera menu

arrow Customizing a few other camera behaviors


Have you ever tried to cook dinner in someone else’s house or work from another colleague’s desk? Why is nothing stored in the right place? The coffee cups, for example, should be stowed in the cabinet above the coffee maker, and yet there they are, way across the kitchen, in the cupboard near the fridge. And everyone knows that the highlighter pens belong in the middle top drawer, not the second one on the left. Yeesh.

In the same way, you may find a particular aspect of your camera’s design illogical or maybe a tad inconvenient. If so, check out this chapter, which introduces you to ten customization options not considered in earlier chapters. You can give the Set button a new job, for example, silence the camera’s beeper, and even create your own camera ...

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