Chapter 10

Working with Picture and Movie Files


Deleting unwanted files

Protecting files from accidental erasure

Rating photos and movies

Downloading files to your computer

Processing Raw files in Canon Digital Photo Professional

Shrinking files for online use

Every creative pursuit involves its share of cleanup and organizational tasks. Painters have to wash brushes, embroiderers have to separate strands of floss, and woodcrafters have to haul out the wet/dry vac to suck up sawdust. Digital photography is no different: At some point, you have to stop shooting so that you can download and process your files.

This chapter explains these after-the-shot tasks. First up is a review of several in-camera file-management operations: Delete unwanted files, protect your best work from accidental erasure, and rate files. Following that, you can get help with transferring files to your computer, processing files that you shot in the Raw (CR2) format, and preparing images for online sharing. Along the way, I introduce you to two free Canon photo programs, which offer easy ways to handle these jobs.

One feature I don’t cover in this chapter is the option to transfer photos wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet. See Chapter 12 for help with this and other Wi-Fi features.

Deleting Files

When you spot clunkers during your picture and movie review, you can use the following options to erase them from your memory card:

  • Deleting single images: To delete photos or movies one at ...

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