Chapter 12

Ten More Cool Features to Explore


Tagging files with cleaning instructions and copyright data

Investigating printing features and special-effects filters

Creating slide shows and video snapshots

Trimming frames from the beginning and end of a movie

Viewing photos and movies on a TV

Exploring more Wi-Fi functions

Consider this chapter the literary equivalent of the end of one of those late-night infomercial offers — the part where the host exclaims, “But wait! There’s more!” Options covered here aren’t the sort of features that drive people to choose one camera over another, and they may come in handy only for certain users, on certain occasions. Still, they’re included at no extra charge with your camera, so check ’em out when you have a spare moment. Who knows? You may discover just the solution you need for one of your photography problems.

Adding Cleaning Instructions to Images

If small spots appear consistently on your images — and you know that dirt on your lens isn’t the cause — your sensor may need cleaning. I don’t recommend that you clean the sensor yourself because you can easily ruin your camera if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, take the camera to a good repair shop for cleaning.

Until you can have the camera cleaned, however, you can use a software-based dust-removal filter found in Digital Photo Professional 4, one of the programs available for free download from the Canon website. You start by recording a data file that maps ...

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