Chapter 11

Ten More Customization Options


check Changing the functions of a few buttons

check Turning off the AF-assist beam

check Creating custom folders and a custom menu

check Tagging files with copyright data and cleaning instructions

Earlier chapters discuss major ways to customize your camera, such as changing the data displayed during picture playback and adjusting autofocusing performance. This chapter details ten customization options that aren’t quite as critical but may come in handy on occasion.

Giving the Set Button an Extra Job

Normally, the main role of the Set button during shooting is to select items from the camera menus and Quick Control screens. When you shoot in the P, Tv, Av, or M exposure modes, though, you can set the button to perform one of several other tasks. Check out the possibilities by opening Setup Menu 4, choosing Custom Functions, and then choosing Custom Function 13, Assign Set Button, as shown in Figure 11-1.


FIGURE 11-1: You can configure the Set button ...

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