Glossary of Digital Photography Terms

Can’t remember the difference between a pixel and a bit? USB and UHS? Turn here for a refresher on that term that’s stuck somewhere in the dark recesses of your brain and refuses to come out and play.

24-bit image:
An image containing approximately 16.7 million colors.
Adobe RGB:
One of two Color Space settings available on your camera; contains the largest spectrum of colors that your camera can capture.
Auto Exposure Bracketing, a feature that automatically records three photos using different exposure settings.
AE lock:
A way to prevent the camera’s autoexposure system from changing the current exposure settings before the image is recorded.
AF Operation:
An autofocus setting that determines whether the camera locks focus when you press the shutter button halfway, continuously adjusts focus up to the time you take the shot, or chooses which of the two strategies to employ. Applies to viewfinder photography only.
AF Point Selection mode:
An autofocus setting that tells the camera whether to choose a focus point automatically or base focus on a specific point that you select. Available only for viewfinder photography.
AI Focus:
One of three AF Operation settings. Focus locks when you press the shutter button halfway unless the camera senses motion, in which case it adjusts focus as needed to track the subject up to the time you take the shot.
AI Servo:
An AF Operation setting designed for focusing on moving subjects. The camera ...

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