Chapter 2. Navigating Your PowerShot Camera

In This Chapter

  • Main menu categories

  • Record menu

  • Setup menu

  • Play menu

  • Print menu

  • My Camera menu

You've explored your PowerShot model and learned a bit about the technology behind it. Now it's time to set up your camera. The PowerShot menus control a lot of the features you looked at in Chapter 1 but they also control much more. At first they can seem a bit overwhelming, but if you concentrate on a few important settings for your model, your PowerShot's controls can be less intimidating.

Although this chapter covers all of the menu options for the PowerShot line, it isn't a replacement for your manual. This is a field guide — something you can take with you. It offers suggestions on how to shoot in different situations, but also provides a good reference for setting up your camera and quickly finding the menu you need.

Main Menu Categories

When you press the Menu button on your camera, the main menu categories appear on your LCD screen as tabs. While the category tabs and menu that appear depend on the mode the camera is in, the icons for the categories are the same. The four main categories are:

  • Play. This is represented by a right-pointing triangle. You only see this Menu tab if the camera is in Playback mode when the menus are accessed.

  • Print. This is symbolized by an icon that looks like a page being printed. This Menu tab is only visible when the menus are accessed while the camera is in Playback mode.

  • Set Up. This is represented by tools — a hammer ...

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