Chapter 2. Using the PowerShot G11 Menus

By now, you've spent some time with your G11 and perhaps tried it out in a number of different shooting situations. The external buttons, dials, and controls discussed in the previous two chapters are the ones you'll use most when shooting pictures, and their easy accessibility keeps this in mind.

This chapter describes in detail the menu system of the PowerShot G11, breaks down each menu setting and the options for it, and provides some tips on when and why to use those settings. Previous PowerShot users should have no difficulty feeling comfortable with the menu layout and should also really enjoy the ability to position the beautiful new 2.8-inch (diagonal) LCD for comfort and ease of use.

Using the PowerShot G11 Menus

Dyed eggs are on the menu, photographed by setting a Daylight white balance and then shooting with a tiny amount of onboard fl ash. Taken at ISO 250, f/2.8, 1/40 second with a 10.8mm lens setting.

Camera and Shooting Functions

The G11 keeps the same groupings as the older G10, but has added a few settings within those sections and a My Menu area for registering up to five frequently used menu items for quick recall in fast-paced shooting situations. There's also a setting to register your favorite options and save them as Custom Shooting Modes (C1 and C2 on the Mode dial).

Once you have a clear idea of where each setting is located and have developed some methods ...

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