Chapter 3. Choosing Settings on the Canon PowerShot G11

From Shooting modes and function choices to tweaking exposure and color settings, the Canon PowerShot G11 has all your image-making options covered.

Setting the camera to retain your personal shooting preferences allows you the flexibility and convenience of being able to grab the camera and jump into shooting without having to worry about all the important details of camera functionality because you have already set them. Having the camera perform your way speeds up camera operation and allows for a much more enjoyable shoot. As you become familiar with this incredible tool, spend some time investigating all the shooting and menu modes and the different white balance and My Colors settings. They offer convenience and provide the photographer with control over every aspect of the digital capture process.

Choosing Settings on the Canon PowerShot G11

The PowerShot G11 handles macro shots, such as this dew-covered web and garden spider, with ease. Taken in Macro mode at ISO 1000, f/5.6, 1/60 second with a 21.8mm lens setting.

Creating Folders on the Memory Card

The PowerShot G11 helps you organize your images into folders on your SD card so that you can easily remember and find your images on your computer. Your choices are Monthly folders or Daily folders. If you are viewing the card's contents on a computer or through a card reader, the first folder that you see is named DCIM. ...

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