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Card Games by Thiagi: A User's Guide

Book Description

Thiagi is an international game master with a reputation for creating engaging games that enhance and support learning. Card Games by Thiagi is the latest and one of the most creative works by this respected industry legend. Based on the use of a single deck of cards, a timer, and a user s guide, this unique product allows users to create 30 fun, learner-centered games in five key training areas: human performance improvement, communication, teamwork, leadership, and diversity. Trainers and participants are encouraged to be creative through the use of open-ended questions and the assigning of creative unpredictable tasks found in the user s guide. Winners are determined by the first team member to collect 1 each of the six game card types. The Card Games boxed set includes a book, a CD-ROM with electronic copies of all the game handouts and directions, 1 set of cards, and an electronic timer Section 1: Directions for Thiagi s Card Games Chapter 1: How to Conduct Thiagi s Card Games Chapter 2: How to Play with the Card Types Chapter 3: Sample Game Play Section 2: Content Areas for Thiagi s Card Games Chapter 4: Human Performance Improvement Chapter 5: Communication Chapter 6: Teamwork Chapter 7: Leadership Chapter 8: Diversity Epilogue: Where DoWe Go from Here?

Note: CD-ROM is not available for this title.