Care to Dare: Unleashing Astonishing Potential Through Secure Base Leadership, 2nd Edition

Book description

Have you ever been led by someone who cared for you like family, and dared you to achieve more than you ever thought possible for yourself, your organization, and even society?

Award-winning author of Hostage at the Table, George Kohlrieser, along with his co-authors Susan Goldsworthy and Duncan Coombe, explain how becoming a secure base leader releases extraordinary potential in others.

Part of the Warren Bennis leadership series Care to Dare shows you how to become a Secure Base Leader so that you release your followers from the fears that get in the way of their performance. It shows you how you can unleash astonishing potential by building the trust, delivering the change, and inspiring the focus that underpins sustainable high performance.

From extensive interviews with executives from all over the world, as well as from surveys with more than a thousand executives, the book reveals the nine characteristics that Secure Base Leaders display on a daily basis. The research shows that a primary difference between a successful leader and a failed leader is the presence or absence of secure bases in his or her life.

Care to Dare will take you on a journey where you will discover your own secure bases, past and present, and determine how you can be a secure base for other people in your life at work and at home.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Endorsements
  5. Title page
  6. Copyright page
  7. Dedication
  8. Preface
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. PART I
    1. Chapter One: Your Leadership Opportunity
      1. What is a Secure Base?
      2. Secure Base Leadership
      3. Belay Your People: The Components of Secure Base Leadership
      4. What’s next? What will you do on Monday Morning?
    2. Chapter Two: Secure Base Leadership in Action
      1. Characteristics of Secure Base Leaders
      2. Becoming an Expert
  11. PART II
    1. Chapter Three: Build Trust through the Bonding Cycle
      1. Stages of the Bonding Cycle
      2. Building Trust through Effective Bonding
      3. Two Secure Base Leadership Characteristics that Help You Bond
    2. Chapter Four: Deliver Change: Embracing Loss through Grief
      1. Grief, Loss and the Impact of Broken Bonding
      2. Understanding the Stages of Grief
      3. Embracing Grief to Deliver Change in Organizations
      4. Two Secure Base Leadership Characteristics that Help You Deliver Change by Embracing Loss
    3. Chapter Five: Focus: Bringing Forward the Power of the Mind’s Eye
      1. Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
      2. How Secure Bases Influence the Mind’s Eye
      3. State and the Mind’s Eye
      4. Mind’s Eye, Expectations and Possibilities
      5. Two Secure Base Leadership Characteristics that Help You Focus the Mind’s Eye
    4. Chapter Six: Achievement: Playing to Win
      1. The Four Leadership Approaches
      2. The Six Leadership Styles
      3. Two Secure Base Leadership Characteristics that Help You Play to Win
  12. PART III
    1. Chapter Seven: Strengthen Your Own Secure Bases
      1. Your Current Secure Bases
      2. Roots of Your Leadership
      3. Being Your Own Secure Base
    2. Chapter Eight: Become a Secure Base for Others
      1. Set Your Development Priorities
      2. Develop a Secure Attachment Style
      3. Learn about Your Signals and Read the Signals of Others
      4. Improve Your Capacity for Deep Dialogue
    3. Chapter Nine: Transform Your Organization into a Secure Base
      1. Inspiring Leadership
      2. Incorporate Secure Base Leadership into Human Resource Processes
      3. Clarity of Goals, Vision and Mission
      4. The Results
    4. Chapter Ten: Humanize Your Leadership and Your Organization
      1. Humanize Your Leadership
      2. Humanize How You Organize Work
      3. Humanize Your Solutions to Real Problems
      4. Humanize Your Mission
      5. Your Most Enduring Leadership Opportunity
  13. About the Research
    1. Study One: Development of the Characteristics
    2. Study Two: Testing the Characteristics
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: Care to Dare: Unleashing Astonishing Potential Through Secure Base Leadership, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): George Kohlrieser, Susan Goldsworthy, Duncan Coombe
  • Release date: July 2012
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118361283